The Return of ‘Watchmen: Midnight’

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? I often receive requests, in person and online, from people interested in watching my fanedit, Watchmen: Midnight. Today is the fifth anniversary of the original film’s theatrical release, and to mark the occasion I’ve produced an updated version of Watchmen: Midnight. It’s currently available on DVD-9 (with new menus, pictured above) and […]

There and Back Again: Travels and Exhibitions in 2013

There were several experiences in 2013 that I did not write about until now, including some great opportunities to screen Watchmen: Midnight and talk about fanediting with academics, fans, and aca-fans alike. April 17-19: StarFest 2013 in Denver, Colorado StarFest is an annual science fiction and fantasy fan convention founded in 1977, making it one […]