Dissertation Award Nomination

I’m pleased to share news that my completed dissertation, “Beyond The Phantom Edit: A Critical History and Practical Analysis of Fan Edits” has been nominated for the Argersinger Dissertation Award at the University of Kansas. The award competition recognizes exceptional dissertations on the basis of their originality, quality of research, and significance the field, as […]

Featured in University Daily Kansan

Happy to report that my research was recently featured in an article by Cameron McGough for the University Daily Kansan. Here are some excerpts from the interview: “We, as a society, are starting to move toward a more transformative understanding of media, film and television,” Wille said. “We are becoming accustomed to the fact that there are remixes […]

Publication Notes: ‘Dead Links, Vaporcuts, and Creativity in Fan Edit Replication’

“Dead Links, Vaporcuts, and Creativity in Fan Edit Replication” is my essay published in volume 20 of the journal Transformative Works and Cultures. Building on some of the groundwork in an earlier paper of mine, I examine some of the ongoing problems related to storing, sharing, and accessing fan edits online, followed by examples of how fan editors attempt […]

Director Joel Schumacher Thanks Fan Editor

In a recent Forbes article about the strengths, weaknesses, and mixed reception of Batman Forever (1995), Mark Hughes characterizes Scaperat’s 2007 fan edit, Batman Forever: Red Book Edition, as a glimpse at the quality of film that director Joel Schumacher intended to make: The theatrical cut of Batman Forever is in fact missing a lot of what Schumacher was […]

My Research Profiled in ‘KU Collegian’

Happy to report that the 2015 issue of the KU Collegian, the annual alumni magazine for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Kansas, profiled my essay “Fan Edits and the Legacy of The Phantom Edit“ in its “College Research in Review” section. My work was listed among 14 fascinating research […]

Unused ‘Blade Runner’ Footage Mistaken for Fan Edit

A video posted in 2014 by YouTube user “Uchuu Daisakusen” has recently been described by some pop culture bloggers as short version of Blade Runner (1982) comprised entirely of deleted scenes and alternate takes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeBPNQ4M-xM It began with a tweet by Annapurna Pictures: A 45-minute cut of BLADE RUNNER using only B-roll footage & takes that never made it […]

Fan Edit Database Scrapers for Plex and Kodi

Plex and Kodi (formerly XBMC) are popular software media players that can be enhanced with third-party add-ons, including web scrapers that retrieve metadata and cover art for films and television episodes from sites like the Internet Movie Database, themoviedb.org, thetvdb.com, and fanart.tv. There are also database scrapers for fan edits. For example, tomfin46’s Plex scraper […]