The Return of ‘Watchmen: Midnight’

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I often receive requests, in person and online, from people interested in watching my fanedit, Watchmen: Midnight. Today is the fifth anniversary of the original film’s theatrical release, and to mark the occasion I’ve produced an updated version of Watchmen: Midnight. It’s currently available on DVD-9 (with new menus, pictured above) and MKV. I have plans to release a high-definition remastered edition later in 2014.

In addition to revised Tales of the Black Freighter segments and chapter inter-titles, this revision of Watchmen: Midnight also includes new opening and closing sequences as well as a color correction scheme intended to reduce some of the blue saturation throughout the film. Like many contemporary superhero/action films, Watchmen has a “dark” aesthetic and a blue tint. Unfortunately, this distorts human skin tones in Watchmen and obscures some of the incredible production design work that’s based on the art and colors of the original comics. Take a look at the following split-screen demonstration:

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